One of the most well known beverages which is practically found across almost every household in India is Masala Chai.

Masala chai has a lot of healing properties which are very useful in the curing of cough and cold as well providing warmth to the body.

Culturally speaking tea is a sort of norm in the Indian society. It is during this tea time that relations are made, business is discussed aas well as festivals are celeberated.

Tea plays a very important part of the Indian subculture and has been in a supporting role for almost any event or occasion.So today without further ado I want to give the world the recipe of making masala chai.This recipe is my take on the classic masala chai.For this you will need the following-

100 ml of Water

100 ml of Milk

1 small root of Ginger

1 stick of cardamom

4 green Cardamoms(elaichi)

4 tsps of black tea

2-3tsps of sugar .


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